What’s The Best Water Pillow Available in 2016?

When you think about the usual fillings that are used to create soft pillows, your mind probably first goes to materials like down, memory foam, and others. Most likely, water is not something that you think of as being on that list. However, there are a number of water pillows on the market today, and they are gaining a following among sleepers who find them to be just the right balance of support and comfort.

lay-down-to-sleepOf course, these are more than just a bag filled with water and placed on your bed. In most cases, a water pillow is going to be a combination of a water reservoir with another, more traditional pillow fill material. When the two are brought together, there are a number of benefits that can lead to a great night sleep (for many users). Water pillows might be a bit outside the box, but they are worthy of your consideration thanks to the benefits they can offer you each time you lay down to sleep.

To help you decide if a water pillow is right for you, we have put together this article which includes some buying tips as well as links to some of the top products in this category. Once you have learned a bit more about water pillows, and taken a closer look at some of the best around, you should have no trouble deciding whether or not to give one a try for yourself.

Water Pillow Buying Considerations

If you are going to be buying your first water pillow, you may be a bit lost in terms of what you are looking for as you browse the market. Buying a water pillow is slightly different than buying a traditional pillow, as you are going to be picking from a collection of products that is quite a bit different from the usual pillows you may have bought in the past. With that in mind, it is important to educate yourself on a few basic points before trying to make a selection.

Cost is a Big Factor

Lets not skirt around this issue – water pillows tend to be rather expensive. When compared to a traditional pillow, you are almost always going to spend more if you are purchasing a quality product. Since they need to be designed in a manner that will keep water inside throughout the night, there is more that goes into this kind of product than a regular pillow which has just been stuffed with feathers or some other material. Before you get too far into this process, you will want to make sure that you are going to be willing to invest the money necessary to get a good water pillow. Set a budget that you will be happy with right up front and then check the market to see what your money will buy.

Think About the Weight

type-of-pillowOne point that is easy to overlook when shopping for this type of pillow is the weight that can come along with the product (once it is filled with water, of course). If the pillow you choose has a large water reservoir that needs to be filled before the it is used, you may find that the overall weight of this product becomes a bit of a problem. Whether or not this is a problem for you specifically will depend on a number of factors, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. For example, if you have trouble lifting heavy objects and dont have anyone around to help with that chore, it might not be wise to place such a heavy pillow on your bed. On the other hand, if you have no issue with lifting and moving the weight, this point will be a non-factor in your search.

Ease of Fill

Water pillows come with a bit more maintenance than traditional pillows, as you will have to fill them with water before use, and you may need to adjust that water level from time to time in order to get the right fit. With that in mind, take note of how the pillow you are considering is to be filled (and drained) when the time comes. Can you remove the bladder from the pillow in order to make changes to the water level? If so, that should be seen as a big advantage from a product that forces you to take the whole pillow over to the sink. You dont want to have your pillow become more of a chore than anything else, so convenience and ease of use is a point to keep on your list.

Benefits of Owning a Water Pillow

The ability to customize your sleeping experience is one of the big benefits of owning a water pillow. You cant typically add or remove fill in a traditional pillow, but you can do just that with a water pillow. By altering how much water is inside the pillow, you will be able to achieve a softer or firmer sleeping experience.

Additionally, some users will find that the presence of water in the pillow will give off a natural cooling effect that helps to regulate their body temperature as they sleep. That isnt going to be true for all water pillows, or for all sleepers, but it is a potential benefit that you could enjoy if you decide to go in this direction with your purchase.

Water Pillow Product Reviews

Following is a list of some of the top water pillows available on the market today. To learn more about any of these products, please follow the link to the Amazon product page.

Mediflow Original Waterbase Down Pillow

image-of-mediflow-original-waterbase-downThis product brings together the unique support of a water base with the classic comfort of a down pillow. Made in the USA, it offers you the ability to adjust the firmness via the amount of water that is placed in the pillow before it is set on your bed. The down filling is hypoallergenic, and the cover is 100% cotton. While this pillow does come in at the high end of the price range for this kind of product, you will be rewarded with an item that uses top-quality materials.

The previous buyers of this pillow tend to have strong feelings about it in one direction or another – which is common for higher-priced items. Many users feel that it is a tremendously comfortable pillow, as long as you are patient enough to experiment with different amounts of water until you strike the right balance for your needs. However, some buyers felt that this product never became comfortable regardless of how much water was used, claiming that the pillow always remained too firm. If you like your pillows on the firmer side of the scale, and you don’t mind the weight that comes with a water pillow, this model from Mediflow is one to watch.

Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

image-of-mediflow-gel-memory-foam-waterbaseAnother pillow from Mediflow, this one comes in at a lower price thanks to the use of gel memory foam rather than down. The pillow still includes the water base that makes these products unique, meaning you can adjust how much water you put in the product in order to make it comfortable for your needs. As a potential advantage over the down model, this pillow offers to keep you cooler throughout the night thanks to the gel top layer.

Again with this item, there are plenty of people who love the way they sleep when using this pillow. Of course, there are also those who found that the pillow did not meet their needs. On the positive side, some users report an improvement in neck pain symptoms after putting this pillow to use, so that is something to keep in mind if you typically struggle with neck or shoulder pain after a night of sleep. There are some minor complaints regarding the weight of this product (which is common for a water pillow), along with comments from some users who couldn’t quite manage to get comfortable on this product. For most, the key will likely come down to finding the perfect amount of fill water to use in order to create a supportive yet forgiving platform.

Core Deluxe Water Pillow

image-of-core-deluxe-water-pillowOne of the more affordable products on our list, this item takes a slightly different angle on the water pillow concept. The removable water chamber inside of this pillow has a depression in the middle to allow your head to find a nice place to rest – while still supporting your neck as needed. The rest of the pillow is made from 100% cotton fiber. As is the case with almost every water pillow, you can adjust the level of support you are receiving by adding or subtracting water as necessary.

There are plenty of positive reviews of this pillow which have been left from previous users, as many of them feel that the pillow makes it easy to get comfortable. However, there is one consistent complaint across many of the buyers, which has to do with the potential of this pillow to leak. The cap on the valve of the water chamber seems to come loose for a number of users, creating a leak that can quickly spread to the rest of the bed. This pillow does offer the potential for comfort, but you will need to pay attention to the potential of a leaking issue.


If you are looking for something different that might be able to unlock that great night of sleep you desire, purchasing a water pillow may be the right choice. Sure, they can be a bit expensive, but it is hard to put a price on your own personal comfort at night. After all, if a water pillow is able to, in fact, help you get a great nights sleep, you would likely be willing to pay far more than the retail price. We appreciate your time in checking out our water pillow buying guide, and we hope it has armed you with the information you need to make a smart choice. Feel free to take as much time as you like in reviewing the information above, and good luck with your shopping process!

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