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One of the fastest growing materials in the pillow market is latex. While not considered to be a traditional pillow material in the same sense as down or even foam, there are plenty of advantages to using a latex pillow. Before you go out and buy your next pillow of any kind, be sure to at least consider the possibility of purchasing a latex product. Since most people don’t know much about the latex pillow niche, this article is meant to educate you on some of the key points associated with this product.

You will want to have a good understanding of the pros related to latex pillows, along with some of the drawbacks, before you buy. There are plenty of people who will love what latex pillows have to offer, but there are also people who may not find them to be the right fit. To make sure you are in the former category as opposed to the latter, you will want to read through the rest of this guide carefully. Lets get started!

Latex Pillow Buying Considerations

Comfort should always be at the top of your shopping list when it comes to a pillow. Yes, there are other important elements to be considered, but a pillow just isn’t going to work for your needs if it isn’t comfortable each night when you lay down to go to sleep. Of course, comfort is something that varies from person to person, so think about what it is that makes you comfortable at night and then look for pillows that will lead you in that direction.

A Perfect Balance?

If you have been having trouble finding a pillow which successfully walks the line between support and comfort, you may have found a winner when it comes to latex. Many users report these pillows to be a nice blend which will support your head and neck while also being soft enough to make your comfortable. This isn’t necessarily a balance that is easy to strike, which is why so many people go through a variety of pillows before finally finding a winner. Down pillows, for example, are extremely soft buy may not offer enough support. On the other hand, some foam pillows are supportive but too firm to be comfortable. For those who have been frustrated in the past by trying to walk this line, the latex option just may prove to be a winner.

Low Maintenance

It is great to have a pillow that allows you to sleep peacefully throughout the night, but you don’t want to have to care for that pillow on a frequent basis in order to keep it in good condition. Fortunately, that doesn’t tend to be a problem with latex. You shouldn’t need to wash off your latex pillows very often, and when you do, make sure they don’t become soaked with water as that is bad for the material.

Higher on the Cost Scale

If you are shopping for your next pillow on strictly a cost-basis, the latex option is probably not going to be one that works for you. These aren’t the most expensive pillows on the market today – that distinction typically belongs to down pillows – they are still on the costlier side of the scale. Specifically, latex pillows often perform similar to memory foam pillows, which are generally less expensive.

Watch the Allergy Issue

This should be an obvious point, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. If you are someone who is allergic to latex, you will naturally need to avoid purchasing a latex pillow. Even if you think a latex pillow would offer all of the comfort elements you have been looking for, you have to put the allergy issue ahead of all other concerns.

Advantages of Owning a Latex Pillow

The big advantage of owning a latex pillow is the possibility of finding a product that is perfect for your sleep needs. Everyone is different in the kind of pillow that will help them get the best night of sleep possible, and it just might be that latex is going to be the winner for you. Of course, there is no guarantee that a latex pillow will actually help you to sleep better, so learn as much as you can about these products from past reviews in order to improve your odds of getting the right one.

Depending on your priorities, another potential positive to buying a latex pillow is the all-natural angle. Certain latex pillows are promoted as natural, meaning they are made in a way that is not harmful to the environment. That is not always the case with pillows that take on a foam profile, so this is potentially a big benefit for those who are environmentally conscious. It is worth pointing out, however, that not all latex pillows fit into this same category, so you wil want to find one that is marketed as natural if this is a point which matters to you.

Latex Pillow Product Reviews

There are a number of latex pillows on the market today, each with their own benefits. To help you sort through the clutter in order to pick out quality pillows which will give you the best chance at a good night of sleep, we have compiled a few of the best options on the market and listed them below. For more information regarding any of these pillows, please take a moment to visit the product page on Amazon via the included link.

Natural Latex Pillow with Organic Cotton Outer Covering

image-of-all-natural-latex-pillow-with-organic-cotton-outer-coveringIf you would like to get started in the world of latex pillows, this offering is a great place to start your search. This pillow is available in a number of different sizes, and it comes in right in the middle of the normal price range for a latex pillow. Made of natural latex, these pillows are dust mite and mildew resistant, and it has a free air flow design which should help to keep the sleeper cool throughout the night. The cover of the pillow is organic, and comes in at a thread count of 350.

The comfort of this pillow is praised by many of the buyers of this product, and it is praised for its ability to help with neck pain. In addition to potentially helping with neck pain, this pillow also has the potential to simply help you get a great night’s sleep. Some feel that the pillow may be a bit too soft, depending on how you position yourself as you sleep. If you are looking for a firm pillow, this may not be it – but otherwise, the Natural Latex Pillow is a unit worth considering.

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

image-of-beautyrest-latex-foamAnother natural latex pillow, this one is offered by Hollander. It is an antimicrobial product, which has a 300 thread count cotton cover. The cover can be removed for easy washing, and the foam which is inside the pillow is made in the USA. Three sizes are available in this pillow –Standard, Queen, and King – and the product falls right in line with most of the other latex pillows on the market in terms of price.

This pillow has collected a long list of positive reviews in its time on the market – right up there with some of the best latex pillows available. The comfort of this pillow is commented on by many users, as is the fact that it seems to be able to keep its shape over time. Also, some users comment on the fact that the pillow does a good job of keeping the user cool, which is not always the case when it comes to foam pillows. Whether you have used many latex pillows in the past, or this will be your first experience, the Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow is an option that belongs near the top of your list.

Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

image-of-malouf-talalay-latexThe next item on our list is one of the most expensive latex pillows you will encounter on hte market, but that cost does come with some advantages. Specifically, this pillow gives you the option of picking from a number of different loft and firmness combinations, so you can pick the right setting for your needs. Like a thick, firm pillow? You can make that selection. Prefer a thinner and softer product? Also available. In addition to these choices, you can also pick from three sizes, meaning you should be able to get a pillow that is dialed in nicely to your requirements. Yes, you will have to spend more money on this product than some other options, but that investment may be a wise one if you get a well-fitted pillow in the end.

While being able to pick a custom combination of features is nice, that won’t do you much good if the pillow isn’t comfortable. However, based on the reviews of many previous owners, it would seem that this is, indeed, a rather comfortable product. It does have some of the common complaints regarding odor that many foam pillows deal with, but that is usually a problem which goes away after just a few days. Overall, this is a product that has been well-received, and you should be able to get it in a formation that suits your needs just right.

Slim Sleeper – Natural Latex Foam Pillow

image-of-slim-sleeper-natural-latex-foamThe name says it all when it comes to this pillow. Need a product that is going to have a low profile when it is laid down on your bed? Look no further than the Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow. Thin pillows are great for those who sleep on their stomachs, so you should look closely at this option if you tend to wind up in that position. The pillow has a zippered cover that can be removed, and it is just 2.75” thick.

Not surprisingly, this pillow has been a hit among those who are looking for a thin pillow. Most pillows pride themselves on being thick and fluffy, making this a unique break from the rest of the market. Obviously, this product isn’t going to be a good fit if you are looking for a soft and fluffy pillow, but that should be obvious. As long as it is a thin pillow that you are after, this product is a good bet to fit the bill.

Plush 100% Solid Latex Ventilated Back and Side Pillow

image-of-classic-brands-caress-plush-latex-pillow-100-percentThis pillow attempts to address one of the biggest and most-common complaints that users have when it comes to foam pillows – the heat issue. It is common for sleepers to get too warm while they are using a foam pillow, meaning that they will wake up in a sweat even if they have been comfortable throughout the night. To deal with that issue, this latex pillow has holes places throughout the foam material to allow it to ‘breathe’ better as you sleep. Of course, it also includes all of the standard benefits that come along with choosing a foam pillow, so you should at least keep this one on your list for further review.

Plenty of great reviews have been left for this product. Users of this pillow appreciate the quality of the product itself, along with the support that it offers. As is often the case with pillows of any kind, most complaints come down to a matter of personal preference. No pillow is going to meet the needs of all users, but this one has proven to be popular among a large percentage of those who use it on a nightly basis. If you have been wanting to test out a latex foam pillow for yourself, there is certainly a lot to like about this model.


Latex might not be the first material that you think of when shopping for a new pillow, but it should be a contender for your business nonetheless. After reviewing the products on our list above, you will find that there are plenty of great latex pillows available in a range of prices. Most likely, you should be able to track down one that meets your budget needs while still delivering the performance characteristics that you are looking for in a great pillow. Thank you for taking some time to visit our site, and we hope the information provided above has given you some clarity with regard to the latex pillow market. Good luck shopping, and sleep well on your new pillow!

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