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If you sleep on your back, you need to make sure that you own a pillow which is specifically designed to meet your needs. There is a big difference between sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side, which is why there are specific pillows on the market for each kind of sleeper (in addition to those for stomach sleepers).

It is important to be able to settle in to a comfortable sleeping position at night, and your pillow plays a big role in that process. While lying on your back, you want to have a pillow that provides just the right amount of support – but not too much support – so you can sleep soundly until the morning arrives.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best pillows on the market today for back sleepers. In addition, we are going to cover some of the key points that you should be looking for in your next pillow. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the options that are available today in the pillow market, so this guide is meant to help you sort through the field in order to find the perfect pillow. Thanks for reading – let’s get started!

Buying Considerations for Back Sleeper Pillows

What should you be looking for in a pillow that is going to work for your back sleeping needs? There are a few points to keep in mind as you shop, and those points are highlighted below.

Not Too Much Loft

This is really the key point that you need to watch for when buying a pillow as someone who sleeps on your back. If you lay down on your back and there is too much loft in the pillow under yourpillow-under-your-head head, your will find that your head and neck are forced up into an awkward position.

You actually don’t want to have your head very far up off the mattress – just enough to be comfortable and relaxed. Some pillows are stuffed to the brim with firm fill, meaning they aren’t going to be well-suited to the needs of a back sleeper.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to purchase an ultra-soft pillow. It is possible for a back sleeper to use something firmer like a memory foam product, but only if that product has a thin overall profile. The goal is always the same in the end – to have your head supported just slightly above the level of the mattress.

Soft or Firm?

As was just mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to have a soft pillow just because you are a back sleeper. Some people prefer to have the feeling of a firmer material under their heads as they sleep, and that is just fine. By opting for a firm material you may find that your head and neck are better supported throughout the night – and you may wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day.

Whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable is what you should be looking for when it comes to a pillow fill material. Pillows that are filled with down are generally going to be quite soft, while memory foam products are going to be on the firmer end of the spectrum.

Regulating Your Temperature

It can be hard to sleep well when you get too warm during the night, so you want to think about temperature concerns while buying your pillow. A soft and fluffy down pillow might feel great when you first lay down, but you may find that you get quite warm with that pillow surrounding the back of your head all night. There are plenty of pillows on the market today which have design elements meant to help the sleeper stay nice and cool, so watch for those features if you are someone who tends to get warm as the night goes on.

Benefits of Owning a Pillow Meant for Back Sleepers

When you go out of your way to buy a pillow that has been designed with your needs in mind, you will know that you can expect to find a comfortable sleeping position night after night. Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health and well-being, yet many people don’t get sufficient sleep on a daily basis – in large part because they don’t have the right pillow to use. Rather than forcing yourself into a sleeping position that isn’t comfortable because it fits your pillow, turn that equation around and buy a pillow that fits your natural sleeping position.

You shouldn’t have to work for your sleep. Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a good pillow for back sleepers is the ability to forget about your pillow altogether. Now that you have a pillow which is doing exactly what you need it to do, you can forget about it and just enjoy going to bed each night. Everyone loves the feeling of settling in to bed after a long day, and your experience will get a good deal better when the perfect pillow is waiting for you to lay down.

Back Sleeper Pillow Product Reviews

A few of the best back sleeping pillows on the market have been listed below for your review. Please take a moment to review the comments provided, and feel free to visit the Amazon product page via the included link to find more information.

Down Alternative Pillow

image-of-down-alternativeLooking for the comfort of a soft down pillow without the cost? This product from the Five Star brand is certainly worth looking at as you search the market. Offered in a long list of sizes, the Down Alternative Pillow comes in at a very affordable price point while still coming with a 100% cotton cover.

It is machine washable, it has a 1.5’’ gusset around the sides, and walks the line between soft and firm successfully. In many ways, this can be seen as an all-around pillow which is well-suited for those who sleep on their back most of the time.

Users of this product have offered up many compliments over the years, although there are naturally a few complaints along the way as well. Since there are so many sizes available in this pillow, getting the right one for your needs shouldn’t be an issue – which is part of the reason why so many different users have been able to get this pillow to work nicely for them. Some feel that this product is a bit too soft, however that is a point that should work in the favor of a back sleeper. A pillow that is too firm will not work for someone wanting to sleep on their back, but a pillow that comes in on the softer side can be a winner.

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

Beautyrest Latex Foam PillowLatex foam is a product that is being used more and more often in pillow construction, and that is exactly what you will find on the inside of this product. Natural latex foam is encased in a 300-thread count 100% cotton cover, and the foam itself is made in the USA. As is the case with most foam pillows, this product offers to support your head and neck all night long by conforming to the shape of your body perfectly. You are going to need to pay a bit of a higher price for this product, but that investment just may well be worth it if you are able to start sleeping better throughout the night.

It is the quality of this product that is most-often praised by previous owners, which makes sense given the relatively high price tag. If you would like to invest in a quality foam pillow, you would be wise to take a close look at this option. Many owners feel that this pillow is just right in terms of the amount of support that it offers to your head and neck as you sleep. Soft but not too soft, this pillow would seem to succeed where other foam pillows have come up short.

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

image-of-beans72-organicNot sure what kind of fill material you should be looking for in your next pillow? Haven’t had great success with down pillows, or with foam options? If you are searching for a new path to go down with your pillow search, you may want to consider buckwheat. That’s right – buckwheat hulls are used as the filling for this product, and many users love the way it feels.

In many ways, buckwheat is able to perform like foam in terms of how it can adapt to your head. However, the hulls will not change over time, meaning you can expect the same great sleeping experience time after time. Also, for back sleepers, you can adjust the way the buckwheat is settled in the pillow in order to create just the right amount of support for your needs.

There are mostly great reviews for this product from past buyers, as the quality of the product is praised above all else. There isn’t much variance from pillow to pillow when talking about buckwheat fill, so picking a product in this niche comes down to the quality of the construction of the pillow case, which is top-notch in the opinion of many users. Of course, as is the case with any buckwheat pillow, you can add and subtract material as needed to get into just the right sleeping position.


If you are able to add a quality back sleeping pillow to your collection of bedding, you should find that you begin to get a better night’s sleep almost immediately. Pillows are not something to take for granted, as they have an important job to do each night. Now that you understand some of the important points related to buying a pillow for back sleepers, the only thing left to do is browse the market until you find one that perfectly fits with your requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page on the best pillows for back sleepers. We hope the information provided has been of assistance to you in your search – good luck!


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