Welcome To Pillow Gurus

Hi there and welcome to the Pillow Gurus! My name is Pamela Reeves and I’m the one that created this site.

My blog is here to help you find ways to improve your sleep. Most of the website talks about the different sleeping gear you can buy to improve your sleep. Here’s how the site is organized:

Neck Pain Pillows

Many close friends have asked me how to solve their neck pain at night. While there are different stretches and exercises you can do to alleviate some of the pain, the best way to tackle this is with a pillow designed for your neck. For more information, read our Neck Pain Pillow Guide.

Pregnancy Pillows

Staying comfortable and relaxed is one of the most important, yet toughest things to do during pregnancy. While it’s likely your sleep quality will become compromised at some level, adding a top rated pregnancy pillow will help tremendously. For more information, read our Pregnancy Pillow Guide.

Side Sleeper Pillows

There are many ways to position yourself at night, but most people identify themselves as a side sleeper. It’s one of the easiest positions to fall asleep from, and it doesn’t put as much strain on your body parts. That said, it’s vital that you a top rated side sleeper pillow that fits your needs. For more information, read our Side Sleeper Pillow Guide.

Stomach Sleeper Pillows

This is one of the most debated sleeping positions out there. Many people swear they feel the most relaxed in this position, therefore leading to a relaxing night’s sleep. Despite those claims, many researches have found that stomach sleepers report more neck pain. The good news is you can find a great rated stomach sleeper pillow that helps ease those issues. For more information, read our Stomach Sleeper Guide.

My Passion For Sleep

I’ve been passionate about sleep since I was a little girl. At age 5, I asked my parents why they were waking up so early. I even told them that I felt more energetic after a full night’s sleep. As a adult, I can truly appreciate how weird I truly was. Most kids are trying to find creative ways to stay up late; but that wasn’t me!

As you probably know firsthand, life changes quite a bit as we become adults. The stresses of life add up quickly, and often times we are left craving a great night’s sleep. The problem is that many of us do not take our sleep “gear” serious. Some people are quick to say, “It doesn’t matter what kind of mattress I have, I’ll always sleep terribly.”

The truth is that a great night’s sleep isn’t a simple thing to achieve. There isn’t a magical formula; it’s takes learning and dedication.